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Friday, October 14, 2011

To celebrate my first collection for Favio and Fran, I am having a celebratory secret sale in my Etsy shop. Get 25% off any item by using the codeword: ILOVEFAVIO at the checkout, don't worry, it will DEFINITELY give you the discount and you won't have to commit to the purchase until you HAVE entered the code!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A photo of me by the phenomenally talented Tahlia Pajaczkowska-Russell...
So lately a lot of people have been asking me about when I will be making another collection, if I will be making another collection, why haven't I already created a second collection and what will be the next collection for Favio and Fran.
Over Christmas, I will be on exchange in Italy, where I hope to gain lots of inspiration for Favio and Fran's second (Autumn/Winter) 24-piece capsule collection. I am already starting to culminate ideas and will continue to do so until I get back from Italy, by which time I should be ready for production. The reason I haven't made another collection this year is plain and simple: I haven't had the money. Though Favio and Fran is financially rewarding; it takes significant investment to reap monetary rewards and all my money has been going into saving for Italy.

I am looking forward to what creative journeys the future brings, and hope that I come back from the suitably freezing Italy dreaming of coats, cardigans and long woolen skirts appropriate for warming in style next winter...

But hey, Summer hasn't even started yet! So continue soaking up the sun...

Go to Favio and Fran shop for limited time, 25% sale on all marked prices: use the codeword: ILOVEFAVIO at the checkout to redeem the offer!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

There is a fashion shoot going on right now in my neighbours garden!!!!!


Beautiful girl AMAZING jeans and I am freaking out!!!!!!!

I love our new neighbours!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Coco's hand: My friend who's amazing collection of ring's has been chicly tied together with the fluoro nailpolish. The beginning of my obsession.

Over the past month I have managed to collect over 100 images of "fashion people" and "trend setters" sporting flouro pink accents. Pretty good seeing as Vogue requires only 10 people to wear something to deem it a trend.

The pictures are all from the streets of various fashion thinking cities; I have collated them from streetstyle blogs. Fashion blogs by those who take pictures of good looking and trendy things on the streets. All the other photos I TOOK on my crappy phone camera.

So, today I thought I would share my "best of's" with a healthy dose of analysis, YAY!

WHO DOESN'T LOVE A GOOD ANALYSE!?!?!?! Am I right? No? whatever....
The Satorialist
Okay, so lets start with my first proper encounter with the whole "flouro/neon pink accent thing". This stunning picture taken by The Satorialist in Korea.The pink is so subtle and used so sparingly, but at the same time the outfit would be pretty dull without it. Just looking at it makes me all fashion-emotional and excited. The flouro pink is random and brilliant and NOT 1980's reminiscent. It just adds pop and depth to a great outfit. And brings the colourfulness to a new level! This is of course where this trend is at its best, in a very small and very subtle detail.

This is a little older but still great. Again, the pink doesn't dominate but is every so subtly weaved into the whole look in an ACCENT. Matched with paired back neutrals it just looks wonderful. 

This is a top outfit. Watch the video of her on Le 21éme Arrondissment. What a cool chick. Again, note the all neutral look and then...BAM!!! Again, lots of excitement is generated from me when looking at this outfit; The chic and casual SUPER neutral bag, shirt and coat...mixed with American Apparel fluoro pink tight...yet still effortless.
Amazing. Please take a book out of these fashion-darling's libraries... Go for a hint of flouro pink. Please check out this link for another amazing take on the trend. And please read the comments.

  1. Use sparingly to avoid looking like an 80's disco at happy hour. Remember its an accent. Not head-to-toe.
  2.  Match with neutrals for the most effective look. Look at above images. Case in point.
  3.  DO NOT colour coordinate. The whole point is the effortless randomness. Its like "lalalalalala....POW!What! So unexpected!" okay...horrible explanation, but basically get dressed THEN accent in a random sort of fashion.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I have a friend, Manet Conolly who recently dyed her hair pink, following this there was a wave of people who started dying there hair pink. And I don't mean hot "punk" pink, I mean a lovely fairy floss colour which you would expect fairies to have.

I like blog

I like blog

Stemming from this is the funky granny look. I have never seen any actual grandma's sporting it, but many "inspired by's" in photo shoots. My favorite is the ones for Elle Mexico

All above: Elle Mexico

I must say, I am seriously considering going pink when my hair starts to grey...
...which could be quite awhile.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I couldn't find the exact cut as mine but here is a dress in the same "T-Rex" print by Romance Was Born
Tomorrow is artsfest!!!!!

OH. For those of you who don't know/everyone we have this day at my school called artsfest. It is like any school carnival (swimming, athletics.ect), except it is
all art. We sing, dance, act and submit artworks, poems, short stories, photography pieces and short films for judging. It is the biggest day in the school calender and people spend months preparing for it.

Products and inspirations for costume.

This years theme is Wild World and I am going as a dinosaur. I found this old ugly boots and bought some new ugly faux fur and covered them in it and now they look really cool! I am also wearing my Romance Was Born "Renaissance Dinosaur" dress. My aim is to be a very fashion forward dinosaur.

I am also entering a sculpture piece which is a dress. I will post pictures tomorrow!

...see you soon

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lately I've been having some frilly pink/blue/purple mermaid love.

It's all about the hair and the  fairy floss notions.

I don't really have anything else to say really.

About Me, Favio and Fran.

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Okay, so MY name isn't Favio or Fran, but my little siter's alter ego's IS. My little sister is Favio, a Mexican Royal who claims to be the son of twiggy. Francis (Fran) is Favio's girlfriend who is a model. They live in Sydney together and have all sorts of wacky adventures with their friends Leelay and Michelle as well as Ainestein and Paulenstein -who has been nicknamed P-dog for short. It all sounds weird but it isn't really. Favio and Fran in this context however is the name of my newest label, very fashion, targeted at tweens-to-twenties it features pieces designed and made by me as well as recondtioned vintage, Have fun fun fun!!!
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