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Stealing Daisies collection

 The 'Stealing Daisies' collection.

The stealing Daisies Collection for  Favio and Fran is inspired by fields of daisies, hippies of the 1960s, lace and soft lighting. It is a collection of 24 pieces, some lovingly hand made and others painstakingly sourced vintage. All of it has been collated by me, Niamh Galea for my label Favio and Fran.

The collection started with notions of flowers and softness and clothing that was fun, nostalgic and painfully cool. From the idea of flowers, it developed into specifically daisies and soon I had around 100 completely yellow and white sketches.

These were analysed and edited down to a top 30, 24 of which were sourced/ produced. It took me about 3 months to create the collection and the results are a well made, original collection of clothing at a price point around what I can realistically afford. I decided to sell it through Etsy, its a handmade marketplace that is both reputable and also beautiful.

About Me, Favio and Fran.

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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Okay, so MY name isn't Favio or Fran, but my little siter's alter ego's IS. My little sister is Favio, a Mexican Royal who claims to be the son of twiggy. Francis (Fran) is Favio's girlfriend who is a model. They live in Sydney together and have all sorts of wacky adventures with their friends Leelay and Michelle as well as Ainestein and Paulenstein -who has been nicknamed P-dog for short. It all sounds weird but it isn't really. Favio and Fran in this context however is the name of my newest label, very fashion, targeted at tweens-to-twenties it features pieces designed and made by me as well as recondtioned vintage, Have fun fun fun!!!
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