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Friday, March 11, 2011

I know

Okay, I know this isn't aimed to be a movie review blog but can I just quickly blab about the most horrible movie in existence?

You may recall Stargate The Most Terrible Movie Ever which I was watching last post? WEll let me just tell you that it is so bad and never watch it unless you want to know what not to do when you find yourself on an alien planet which you got to through a portal hole.

1. Don't give native + foreign animals your chocolate bar, they may just get angry and pull you all over the sand desert.

2. Don't offer the natives who you cannot speak the language of one of your cigarettes. It's fairly obvious, no?

3. Don't offer all the natives machine guns so they can kill the very gods they worship and their system of life is based on.

4. Don't blow up the portal hole. The bomb might not be able to be stopped

5. Don't just decide after 1 night in the new planet that actually you might just stay behind and marry the lady who you can't communicate with


  1. This is an interesting insight into the mind of a fascinating and talented young woman! MY DAUGHTER! Mum


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