Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stealing Daisies lookbook

Daisies are growing from my clutch! clutch, hand knitted daisy rings (1 left), daisydukes (SOLD)
Thank you to my lovely friends who all got dressed up in Favio and Fran. and stood on my street for an impromptu photo shoot!

Bella wears the DaisyBoob singlet with the dip dyed classic style tutu.

Serena wears the two tiered yellow silk organza dress with hand-stitched daisies.

Rachael wears the little white tailored midriff, with the vintage tennis skirt (SOLD).

Ella wears the vintage chinese embroidered collar double breasted blouse with her own skirt.

Oceane wears the A-line daisy shirt (SOLD) with the vintage mini white leather skirt.

Coco wears the vintage yellow raincoat with the hand knitted daisy ring.


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