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Monday, June 6, 2011

Flouro pink accents: Update.

Coco's hand: My friend who's amazing collection of ring's has been chicly tied together with the fluoro nailpolish. The beginning of my obsession.

Over the past month I have managed to collect over 100 images of "fashion people" and "trend setters" sporting flouro pink accents. Pretty good seeing as Vogue requires only 10 people to wear something to deem it a trend.

The pictures are all from the streets of various fashion thinking cities; I have collated them from streetstyle blogs. Fashion blogs by those who take pictures of good looking and trendy things on the streets. All the other photos I TOOK on my crappy phone camera.

So, today I thought I would share my "best of's" with a healthy dose of analysis, YAY!

WHO DOESN'T LOVE A GOOD ANALYSE!?!?!?! Am I right? No? whatever....
The Satorialist
Okay, so lets start with my first proper encounter with the whole "flouro/neon pink accent thing". This stunning picture taken by The Satorialist in Korea.The pink is so subtle and used so sparingly, but at the same time the outfit would be pretty dull without it. Just looking at it makes me all fashion-emotional and excited. The flouro pink is random and brilliant and NOT 1980's reminiscent. It just adds pop and depth to a great outfit. And brings the colourfulness to a new level! This is of course where this trend is at its best, in a very small and very subtle detail.

This is a little older but still great. Again, the pink doesn't dominate but is every so subtly weaved into the whole look in an ACCENT. Matched with paired back neutrals it just looks wonderful. 

This is a top outfit. Watch the video of her on Le 21éme Arrondissment. What a cool chick. Again, note the all neutral look and then...BAM!!! Again, lots of excitement is generated from me when looking at this outfit; The chic and casual SUPER neutral bag, shirt and coat...mixed with American Apparel fluoro pink tight...yet still effortless.
Amazing. Please take a book out of these fashion-darling's libraries... Go for a hint of flouro pink. Please check out this link for another amazing take on the trend. And please read the comments.

  1. Use sparingly to avoid looking like an 80's disco at happy hour. Remember its an accent. Not head-to-toe.
  2.  Match with neutrals for the most effective look. Look at above images. Case in point.
  3.  DO NOT colour coordinate. The whole point is the effortless randomness. Its like "lalalalalala....POW!What! So unexpected!" okay...horrible explanation, but basically get dressed THEN accent in a random sort of fashion.


  1. To see la vie en rose is a wonderful thing Niamh. Keep it up. You are sooooo cool and talented. Lots of Love, Auntie Linda x


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